Heidi Klum-A German Supermodel

Heidi Klum, a super germal model, came to people eyes’ because of “Project Runway”. She is taking part in the host to encourage women to ditch cosmetics on november 9.

She is a very hard-working woman, and has a lot of talents in different aspects. She is not only a super model, but also a television host, businessman. She takes more roles than that, and she is also known as a fashion designer, television producer, and an occasional actress.  She likes the role of being a mom best. She got  four cutie pie kids.

Heidi Klum’s in red dresses  makes her look more shinning, and formal. She was standing with kim kardashian, both in red dresses, is more feminine, and shows her curve perfectly.





2. Heidi Klum Picture Collection

3. A Mother-Heidi Klum Children