Top 5 Popular Wedding Dresses

1. Vintage Wedding Dresses

As we all know that churn is a holy place where people pray for blessings, and so many people choose to hold their weddings there. Once you decide to marry at churn, you should wear in a traditional way. A vintage wedding dress is a good choice for churn wedding. The bridal voile creates a sense of mystery, and the exquisite chipping will display your elegance thoroughly.

2. Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Mermaid wedding dress is always the best choice to show off a bridal’s feminine charm through the ages, however this kind of wedding dress has a strict requirement to bridal’s body shape. In order to wear mermaid wedding dress, some bridals have to go on a diet long before the wedding.

3. Strapless Wedding Dresses

There’s a majority of women who love strapless wedding dress deeply, because the dress in this style will give people an elegant feel, and it has few requirement to a bridal’s body shape.

4. Sweet Wedding Dresses

For some young bridals, a sweet wedding dress with some feminine embellishments will be a preferred choice. It’s very suitable for pink-based wedding party.

5. Mori Wedding Dresses

The world “mori” comes from Japan which means forest-related things. If you’re going to hold an outdoor wedding, mori wedding dresses should be your first choice. You’ll blend with the environment perfectly. Everything is so harmonious with each other.


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